History of the Cahors wines

The area of the Cahors is France's oldest wine region. It has been the most famous and most popular wine in France for centuries. Already in the 1st century AD, Cahors was keen to be drunk by the Roman emperors. It was exported to England, America as well as to the tsars of Russia in the course of time. Tsar Peter the Great would even treat his stomach ulcer with Cahors! Around 1720 was the golden age of the Cahors and the area expanded to 40,000 hectares. In 1878, the grapefruit (Phylloxera) destroyed almost all grape sticks. By continuing with wrong rootstocks in order to meet the high demand for Cahors, quality fell to a simple "Vin de Pays". Only after 1947, some fanatics made sure that the black wine, the true Cahors, returned. But almost the wine was destroyed again. With the winters of 1956-1958, 95% of the wine tribes disappeared.