What are cahors wines?


Cahors AOC is a red wine, which consists of at least 70% of Malbec grapes, also referred to as Cot of Auxerrois. This gives the wine its powerful fruity taste. Additionally added Merlot grapes, which ensure the smooth, round taste. The tannin ensures that the wine is perfectly preserved for up to 15, 20 years or even longer! When stored, the tannin flavor disappears and leaves a delicious soft wine.
The entire region of Cahors to Fumel, along the banks of the Lot River, houses a large number of winemakers, all producing a reasonable to excellent Cahors. Even Prince Henry of Denmark has its own Chateau. Especially the very pleasant climate of the region; Wet spring, warm summer and dry autumn, and the stony ground give quality to the vines. This river of Lot used to make it possible for the wine farmers themselves, despite the opposition of Bordeaux farmers, to ship wine to England, where the Cahors is better known as "Black Wine". Today, the wine area covers approximately 4400 ha, 430 wine producers accounting for 187,000 HL of wine in 2013. There are several production methods: The "Tradition", stored in steel barrels and "Fut en chene", preserved in oak barrels which are full wood add flavor (vanilla tones) to the wine. Young drink is Cahors aromatic and fruity, delicious with cheese, foie gras or grilled meat. The ideal drinking temperature is 16 degrees.